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DeWitchez Kidz

Jasper Jax was adopted from the Humane Society in 1999.  His name at that time was Jacque.  Click him to go to his site.
Bear Doggy was adopted from St. Francis Animal Rescue in Clarksville TN in 2000.  Click him to go to his site.



Magick came to live here in 2001.  He was a Christmas gift from DeWitch's brother.  Click him to go to his site.
Boo also came from St. Francis Animal Rescue.  She came to live with us by plane in 2004.  Click her to go to her site.


This is Bini, she was one of the original DeWitchez Kidz.  She is at the bridge now. Click her to go to her site.   

She and another kitty named Fuzzi were left caged on our doorstep while we were gone one night.  They both lived here happily until they went to the bridge.   Fuzzi in 1999 and Bini in 2003.  They are missed and always will be.



"Midi playing- "Sleepwalk"


DeZignz by DeWitch 2004

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