3-Layer Textured Pool-shadowed Background
Frame Tutorial*
This was originally created (by me) as a PSP script (7/22/06)
but so many people do not use them that I decided to write
a tut for it since I think the background is a very pretty one. 
 I really do prefer creating the PSP scripts:)
(hope I have not left out any steps)
Image of your choice
Music may be turned off at the bottom of this page
~ ~ ~
Open a new image - 400 x 400 transparent
Fill with a bright or light color from your image
Add a raster layer - fill with a darker color from your image
Use Filter Factory A "poolshadow" on this layer
Settings at default and 75 for intensity & brightness
(or to your liking)
Add another raster layer
Select a medium  color from your image and a "texture"
(I used "green leaves" texture)
Adjust the opacity of this layer to your liking
Merge all layers and apply PSP - Image Effects "seamless tiling"
"Emboss" for best effect
(I used Filters Unlimited Convolution - emboss light)
FM Tiles "blend emboss" is fine
(default settings or your choice)
~ ~ ~
Duplicate and resize your image if needed
Add a 3 pixel border - select - fill with a
color or gradient of your choice
(make sure the "texture" is turned off)
Keep selected and apply PSP "inner bevel"
Add a 21 pixel border - select - fill with color or gradient of your choice. 
 (I used a  soft gradient with a 45º angle and no repeats) 
Apply Filter Factory A "poolshadow"  to your liking
Repeat the 3 pixel border & bevel
Add a 36 pixel border - select the border - choose "pattern" and
the background you just created - fill this border
Apply this PSP "inner bevel" 
While still selected you may apply "emboss" again or not (your choice)
Repeat the 3 pixel border &  1st bevel
Merge and add your watermark, corners, etc. as desired:)
~ ~ ~
Hope you enjoy this tutorial
If you have any problems please email me
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