DeWitch Cutout Text Topper and Background Tile Tutorial

This tutorial was first written as a PSP script by me - it is completely my doing - any resemblance to other tutorials or scripts is purely coincidental.


This tutorial can be done in PSP 8 - 9 & X

Things needed:

Simple Filters


PSP Texture Backdrop

Some Fat Fonts

HTML for OE stationery


We will be making a stationery topper and background tile like this


Open desired tube and copy 

Open new image (I used) 1024 x 394

you may make the height less if you choose


Choose a pattern, gradient or color and fill your new image 

Select all - paste into selection


Simple quicktile

Gaussian blur - your choice  (mine 27)

PSP Art Media colored chalk - your choice  (mine detail 45 opacity 12)

PSP Distort  twirl - your choice (mine 363)

PSP Texture - your choice -

I used:


Add a 6 pixel contrasting border at the bottom 

Select with magic wand and fill with color of choice 

Inner bevel:


 PSP image effects seamless:


Paste your tube as a new layer - move into place 

add a dropshadow if desired



Use a "fat" font


Type your message and resize if needed and move into place

bigger is better so the cutouts show more

duplicate your text layer and turn off the top one

and select the next one

now go up to selections and click on


your text will now look like this

hit your delete key then go to your bottom layer and making sure it is a raster layer

if it isn't "promote background layer"

hit your delete key again and select none

now go back to your top layer


and double click the text layer to reopen the text box

turn off your background materials (fill)

and your text will look like this


inner bevel (same setting as above)

and it will look like this

select none

merge visible

Save as a transparent gif

I copy & paste to the animation shop & save from there for better quality image

(it is a big file unfortunately unless you optimize a lot and then the image is degraded)



The background tile is really your choice to do as you please

It does need some detail to show thru the cutouts though


I pasted the tube as a new image

resized to 300 x300

added another layer

moved it to the bottom

filled with the same gradient I used on the topper


Simple quicktile

Gaussian blur (27)

Distort twirl (363)



Image effects


A complimenting solid color tile that is textured would also work well

Save the tile as a JPG



I wrote this tutorial AFTER I created a script of this :} DUH

If you like my tutorial please share your results with me:)



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