DeWitchez Way
Basic Tutorial of Mist/Feathering 2006
I have put everything to the left so that
you may have this open beside your PSP. 
Also wanted to tell those who don't know this
that in XP (not sure about other versions) you
can right click the task bar and a box comes up
that gives you the choice to "cascade" or
vertically or horizontally tile your open windows
I am going to show you how I mist/feather an image
I have not had lessons so the experts may disagree
This is just MY way
"Misting" this image to look like the one beside it
*hint at bottom of page for close edges

Duplicate your image close original and promote
background layer so you will have a transparent
background - if you don't you will have a colored
background at whatever color your background color
is set at and your misted/feathered image will have
the color on the edges - you may want this 
I prefer the transparent myself
Set your selection tool like below with the feathering
set where you want it -
higher numbers will remove more

Select all on the edges of the area of the image
that you want as your misted/feathered tube -
then double click to finish and it will look like this

Selection invert

Hit your delete key as many times as it takes to get it
to look how you like -
I had to do three on this because the image is close to the borders
and I didn't want a sharp edge in the "mist". 
Invert selection again and you have this ready to copy and
paste into something or save as a "misted" tube  

You may also add another layer, move it under the image 
and fill with a color if you wish -
this helps to see if there are any sharp edges that you
can remove with the eraser set at very low opacity
*If you still have the problem with an "edge" you can add borders
to your main image
Then use either your "smudge" or "clone" tool (whichever works best for you)
and bring those edges out that are causing the problem before you do the mist
This is a basic "mist"
I am also going to do a tutorial on a layered mist
This was written entirely by me on 3/11/06
Please do not copy or email my  tutorials without my written permission
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