"Fixing" a Busy Background
(with Dumpy:)
From This                                               To This
Always be sure to duplicate your image and save the original
Choose your "freehand selection tool" set at "point to point" with a slight feather (1 or 2) 
Click all around on the edge of the main subject (*Dumpy the kitty here)
When you have outlined him all the way around double click
then go to "Selections" and choose "Invert"
Go to "Adjust" - "Blur" - "Radial Blur"
Use the settings I have used to distort the surrounding background
(or you can play around with ones you might like better)
If you are happy with the blur you can deselect and save
If your main image needs sharpening go back to "Selections" and click "Invert" again.
This will  select the main image (*Dumpy) and you can then go to "Adjust" and "Sharpen" but only if needed
Then deselect and save your image
                          *My beautiful subject is the furkid of my longest online friend Rae Arnold.
                           Her dear boy went to the bridge today (2/19/07). 
                           He was a good, good boy and has left many missing him very much.
Font used here is Enviro
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