Stationery by DeWitch

Outlook Express Stationery

Another thing I like to do is make this stationery - I have graduated from a class for this a while back but have been doing it on my own using scripts I find here and there for several years - hope to learn how to write my own stationery scripts sometime though:)
In the charts below, the name is a link to a preview - below the name are links to zip files or self-extracting exe files.


Pretty Angel MerAngel Jester China Girl Addams Family
PrettyAngel-zip MerAngel-zip Jester-zip China Girl-zip AddamsFamily-zip
PrettyAngel-exe MerAngel-exe Jester-exe China Girl-exe AddamsFamily-exe
Cool Change Memories Lipstick First Flight Breakfast at Sweethearts
Cool Change-zip Memories-zip Lipstick-zip First Flight-zip Breakfast at Sweethearts-zip
Cool Change-exe Memories-exe Lipstick-exe FirstFlight-exe Breakfast at Sweethearts-exe

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