De Witchez Kidz are having a casual Krismouse party at de Critterz Clubhouze
Uh Oh!!!
Dere be sum late arrivalz - hope sumone let dem it it be furry coad here in Mew Hampshurr

Storme: Mysty I be coad do mew tink Moke will see uz out here?

Mysty:  I'm shure he will notize dat I am not dere an luk fur uz soon

Blessed Reeves:  I hope sumone letz uz in soon I am freezin my tail off here

Sheba Reeves: Oh Blessed juz relax and find a warm doggie to snuggle up to - Socrates be keepin my tail warm tee hee

Prince Reeves:  Glad I got dis long fur coat but wish dey wud hurry

Maggie Reeves:  pant pant - where's de fud???

Libby Reeves: Hi dere who be you?  You look like you like dis coad weafur

Thisbie:  Hi I be a Keeshound and yup I like it - my name be Thisbie - I be de doggie sisfur ob Shamus Blue, Selkie Sue & Firefly - Hope dey let uz in soon I can't wait to meet efurryone

Please knock on de door to enter

Purrleaze rememburr to sign ar

dat be on de laz page ob de Mew Yearz party

or mew can juz click diz one to git dere

DeZignz By DeWitch

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