Bear Doggy:  Hey der Royal!!!  Yu gittin' to like dis here snow country?  I see yu got dat snowmobile ob JJ's agin!  Do Cilla like it bettur den Lucy???

Dixie :  Oh nefur mind de gabbin' yu guyz git dat poor gurrl in here out ob de coad!!!

Royal:  Hi dere Bear & Dixie - I ainna nefur gonna like de snow but it shure do be fun tearin along on dat machine and Cilla not be a wuzzie gurrl like Lucy - hur luffed it!

Cilla: Oh yes it wuz sooo mush fun!!! (NOT! My tail is frozen and I tink my pawz droppt off a few milez ago)  Oh tee hee - it iz so citin - Do dere be a fire inside and sumfin gud to eat & drink (and it better be HOT!)




DeZignz By DeWitch

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