by DeKidz (narrated by Boo)

It wuz a lazie summer day in Auguss an we wuz all looks fur sumfing to do, wen Boy is say.......
Led's goze Hang Glides!!

At furse I wuz fink diz a dum idear, butt all da kitties is wanna goze, so we wented!
Boo:  We gotta go way up dere whare dat red arrow be pointin down!
Magick:  Mwe gotta dwag dem tings way up dat mountin??
Jackson:  OOOH Mama dat a loong wak:0
Gemma: I tink der be a bettur way Jackson.
Boy:  You be rite Gemma, dem 4-wheelers gonna pull us up dere:)

Soon sumone comed an showed us how to get into da glidey fings an telled us how to
makes dem goze da rite ways.  Den dem hauled us an da gliderz up to de top.

Boo:  ROGLMTO, Magick what yu gonna do wif dem mushmallows?
Magick:  I gonna eet dem what mew tink???
Gemma:  Magick how mew gonna carry dem, say nuffin bout eetin dem, when mew got to hang onto da glider?
Jackson:  Jeez, I can NOT beleebe dis.
Boy:  Wells,  I gess we jess goze an jumps off de edge back dere where dey telled us to goze. 
Magick will juz hab to figurr out how to deel wif dem mushmallows or leebe dem here.

Boo:  Heys kitties - makes shure mew foller us to da landin spot!!

Gemma:  Oooh - dis jess sooo kewell!

Jackson:  I wishes we cud do dis effury singles day!

Magick:  I wonner iffen dey got fude in dat place wheres we appose to lands??

(And down and down we went - I wuz keeps a eye on da kitties da whole
times, but da wind is picks up an dey is kinda floated da offur ways frum me an Boy)

Boy:  Wow, I fink we wented off da corse!

Boo:  I telled yu to steers da offur ways!

Boy:  I sorries, I gets leff an rite mix up!

Boo:  Oh, I hope da kitties is okays, dey so small an helplest!

Boy:  I fink I feels sumfing watches us, an I gets da feelin it hungries!

Boo:  Donut beez silly - da onliest fing I ken fink bout beez to fine da kitties.

Boy:  I gess mew rite - Momma an Daddy wud reely beez mad if we losted dem!
Boo:  Shhhh - Now I hears sumfing follers us.

Boy:  Looks, in da bushies - I fink dat a cuyotee, an he look like he wanna aks yu fur a date!!

Boo:  Yu reely IS silly - he not wanna date - he wanna eats us!!!!

Boy:  Led's get outta here!

Boo:  I smells smoke - I bet dere sum campers ahead dat mite haff seed our liddle brofurs an sisfur.

(Mush to my surprises, dis is wat we finded)

Boo:  Magick, Jackson, Gemma - yu is all okays!  Wat is yu doin?

Magick:  Wells, we is eated da fishies dat we is catch an now we gonna toast mushmellows!

Gemma:  Wheres mew guyz beed?  We wuz worries bout mew.

Boy:  Is mew catched any froggies?

Jackson:  I almose catched one, but he giff me da "stink eye" an floats away on his back!!

Boo:  Is mew gots any fishies leff?

Magick:  We gots many - comes, sits down an eats - mew is looks many hungries!

Boy:  Whew, I canut belief how many I jess eated
I gess getting stawked by lions an tigers in da woods maked me reel hungries!

Boo: Donut beez silly Boy, dere no lions an tigers in Mew Hamshire!

Gemma:  Is anybuddy noze where we is?

Jackson:  How we gonna gets home.  I bet Meowmie an Daddy beez worries!

Magick:  Wells, I ken calls dem on my cells fone.

Gemma:  Mew got a cell fone?

Jackson:  Why isn't mew tells us afore now!

Magick:  Nobuddy aks me..........

(So, we is call our purrends an dey is comed an gettid us an bringed us home to our own beds -
dey offured us din din, but we was preddy full an furry many tired)