by DeWitchez Kidz




DeWitchezs Kids had never been to a NASCAR race, and when Boo heard that the race was coming to Louden, she asked  Jasper Jax and Magick if they'd like to go. 

They were both very excited and gave the idea an eight paws up!!

So, they fought their way thru traffic and got to the track. 

They stopped to get some refreshments and went to their seats.

Boo:  I wonner wen da race wills start?

JJ:  I hopes we isn't eats all our fude afore da race!

Magick:  I is eats my mushmellows reel slow, so dey is lass fur da hole race!

Boo:  Woof, JJ.  ken I haff a bite ob mewr hot dog?

JJ:  Butt Boo, mewr one bite wud be da hole fing!   

Mebbe mew ken haff sum iffen I ken haff sum a mewr poppycorns.

Boo:  Mew jess wanna licks all da budder offa my poppycorns!

Magick:  Heys, why isn't mew two jess compurrmise. 
JJ, giff Boo a liddle peece a mewr hot dog. 
Boo, giff JJ a pawfull a mewr poppycorns...... an I wills  giff mew each a mushmellow!!


The race starts and Magick is thinking to himself.......
waits, wat is I gets??

They hear those famous words "Gentlemen start your engines"
The race was on.

Boo: Wowza dey shure goze fass!

JJ: An dey shure lowd!

Magick: Anybuddy wanna mushmellow?

JJ: Ouch - wat a big crash dey jess haff!

Boo: I hope dey not hurted.

Magick: I cannut looks.

JJ: I is hafta goze to da lidderbox. Dis a gud time.

Boo: Wells, donut get losted.

The drivers all go to the pits and get gas and new tires, while the safety crew cleans up the wreck and makes sure everyone is OK
Then the race resumes.

Boo: Woof Magick, I hopes JJ isn't gotted lost.

Magick: Dere purrably a long line at da lidder box.

Boo: Mew is purrably rite!

Magick: Looks like, dere sumfing goin on, on da track!


Tony Stewart, on the radio to his crew: Hey guys, I have to come in.

The crew chief: But Tony, you're leading the race. You'll lose laps if you come in now.

Tony: It can't be helped. I seem to have picked up a really cute passenger.

Crew chief: What are you talking about?

Tony:  There is a cat on my head rest!!!!!

Then the announcement over the loud speakers.

Announcer:  Wow, Tony Stewart is giving up the lead to pit, and we hear that there is a kitty cat on his headrest! 
This is sure a new one for us.

Boo:  Oh no - Magick, do mew fink it could be.........

Magick:  Wells, we bedder goze fine out.

So, they run thru the tunnel under the race track and get to the pits, just as JJ is jumping out of the race car.

JJ, seeing them:  RUNS!!!!

Boo: Runs where?

JJ:  Anywheres - to Mew York, to Mane, to Furginia....... anywheres!!

Boo:  Okays, jess runs to da Jeep.  Dey won't catches us.

Magick:  Waits!!  I is leaf my mushmellows in da gramstands.

JJ:  Wat more impurrdent, mewr mushmellows or me not gets arrested?

Magick:  Hmmm, led me fink bout dis.

Boo: Neffurmind, Magick.  I wills buy mew sum more on da ways home!

Magick:  Purrmise?


So, breathless, they reach the Jeep and head out

JJ: Boo!! Mew gotta goze fasster! I too preddy to goze to jail!

Boo: Wells, iffen I goze fasster, we gonna get a ticky an den da race gards wills catches us fur shure!

Magick, to himself: Hmmm, I wonner if day gots mushmellows in jail??? 

After they escape their pursuers, Boo tells herself that she is NOT going to bring them next year, and to keep the peace, she stops at the first 7-11 they see and buys Magick a new bag of "mushmellows".


Jasper Jax went to Rainbow Bridge August 10th, 2012.  He was our tough little "Slayer" to the end.
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