The Week Before Christmas 
Bear Doggy

"Twas the week before Christmas,
And as I looked all around,
I saw that excitement and boredom,
Did equally abound!
That's when I got the idea!!

Bear: Heys JJ.....
yu no how we tries to see Sandy Claws efurry Chrismouse Eev?

JJ: Shure, an we alla times falls to sleep afore he gets here.

Bear: Wells, I haff a bedder idear! Led's go to Sandy Claws' howse!!

JJ: How we gonna do dat?

Bear: I isn't figger dat out yet.  Led's see wat Boo fink. 
Heys Boo.......
Boo: Yu isn't hafta yells. I rite here!

JJ: Bear wanna go to Sandy Claws' howse sted of wates up all nite fur him on Chrismouse Eve.

Boo: Wells, how you gonna do dat?

JJ: We wuz hope dat mew got a idear.

Bear: Led's aks Magick wat he fink. Heys, Magick. Comes here!!

Magick: Wat's up?

Bear: We ar tries to figger out a way to gets to Sandy Claws' house.  Yu got any idears?


Boo: Dat figgers - tee hee

Bear: I no! Led's take da R-Vee!

Boo: I isn't fink dere any rodes to Sandy's howse - how we gonna drives da R-Vee dere?

Magick: Wells, it too many cole fur a Magick Carpet ride!

JJ: My own jet beez in da shop. It bout wared out frum goze bak an forf to Sara's howse in Catifurnia.

Magick: Waits! I gotta idear!!

JJ: Wells, dis a furse - mew ha ha ha!

Boo: Hush JJ - led him mew!

Magick: Mebbe we cud use dat bigg ole timey slay dat Fafur haff in da garaj!

Bear: Wells, dat all fine an well, butt who gonna pull it? I duzn't
see no rains deer!

Boo: I no!! I hears mooses alla time wispers in da woods!

JJ: Isn't mew means meese? One moose beez a moose - more a dem is meese!

Magick: I wuz fink dat meese mean more den one moussies.

Bear: Oh stoppit yu guyz! Wat it matter if dey mooses or meese or meeses. Dey bigg an strong an dey cud pull dat slay to Sandy Claws' howse!!

Boo: Yu guyz wait here. I gonna go aks dem if dey wanna go to da Norf Pole an see Sandy!!
DeZign by DeWitch 2011
Images Googled and/or created or photographed by DeWitch
Dialogue by Auntie El
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