Never Forgotten and Never Forgiven
September 11th 2001 The day the world Mourns
written by Wiz Sept 2001
We feel the pain, the shock, the horror too
How could they do this terrible thing to you
To strike you when your back is turned
To stir up hate already churned.
They struck you in such a sneaky way
On the morning of that terrible day
Taking innocent lives, they didn't care
Oh what a terrible pain you all must bear.
But not alone you now must face
For the sanity of the human race
They will not win, we'll fight them all
And together we'll watch the evil fall.
So take my hand, we'll soar up high
And use my shoulder if you need to cry
We're here for you, our American friends
We'll stand by you till the very end.
Australians let us show our pride
By standing by our neighbours side
Show terrorists we won't allow
To their murderous ways, we will not bow.

DeWitch & De Kidz